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Genesis' Bio

Genesis Juarez is a Canadian-American actress based out of Atlanta, GA. Since age 5 she’s been singing, recording and performing on stages throughout Nashville and the South East region of America.  At the age of 10, she made the leap into acting by participating in local plays and auditioning for commercial opportunities. 


She has trained with several professionals in the industry such as casting director Regina Moore, The Working Actor Group with Lauren Halperin, and The Imagination Emissary under Julia Jones. Genesis main strengths are improv comedy and applying the Meisner technique .


She's booked commercial work with pharmaceutical company Abbvie, Google, and UA Access (voice over). Genesis has been casted to play Amy in the upcoming movie "Camp Hideout" (2022) alongside Corbin Bleu,  Jenna Raine Simmons, and Ethan Drew.

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